Therapy Conversations

Individual Therapy

Therapy on an individual basis can be shaped around your personal story, history, preferences, and goals.  It is tailored to your needs.

The focus can be wide-ranging, perhaps starting out with “I am just not coping”, or “I am totally overwhelmed”.  A person may delve into major stressors. The spotlight may touch on many areas, such as inner thoughts & beliefs, feelings, behavioural reactions, relationships, interpersonal factors, family, work, and the wider social context.  There are many more specific concerns that a person can bring.

The focus can be narrow and deal with a specific situation or a part of one’s functioning. Examples of such concerns are perhaps about self-esteem and confidence, or work, or parenting, or sexual functioning, or a relationship.  When the issue involves a partner or family member, I offer couple or family counselling.

The discussion may touch on meaning in life, how to love, fears & vulnerabilities, and other deep reflections.  It can be useful to consider altruistic values when we are setting goalposts for our lives.  Such traits might be about acting and loving in kind ways, being respectful, supportive, encouraging, positive, understanding, compassionate, non-judgemental, forgiving, honest and generous.  We can implement some of these traits in our interactions with loved ones and have compassion for ourselves rather than punishing criticism.

As a therapist, I share my knowledge, understandings, and insights. I offer reflections on what is presented, objectively outlining positions, dynamics, and blocks in the situation, before asking what the client is intending to do.  I believe in reducing negative self-criticism, blaming, and other poisonous feelings, thoughts, & behaviour. It is then possible to be able to reinforce our strengths and formulate a way to manage our lives optimally.