Therapy Conversations

Couple Therapy

Couple therapy is a dynamic process of facing the difficulties that have developed between you.  We address the negative blocks to limit the hurtful and repetitive arguments.  We start tuning into feelings and the emotional content in situations.  This can bring greater understanding and eventual healing of emotional wounds.  This model is called Emotionally Focused Therapy.


It is possible to have a better relationship!  You start to transform your conversations. This improves your emotional connections.  Your relationship becomes more attuned to each other, and loving.


This therapeutic work is very enriching to your relationship.  You rediscover what attracted you in the first place.  You reconnect with the bond you share.


We practise dealing with negative comments, using a guideline called Supportive Conversations, which I developed.  This practice of being respectful and loving is inspiring, as it consolidates your deep, emotional bond and is conducive to good sex.  I am a therapist who welcomes a request by a client to bring in a partner, as his/her participation can contribute to achieving goals.


Experience has taught me to promote the practice of speaking and listening to each other here in the office.  It is your work to do; I am the coach who guides the interaction.  They turn their chairs to face one another and speak what they are truly thinking and feeling.  This works for people, to have the conversations that are loving and healing.